Prompted by several highly publicized exterior wall failure related accidents in 1998, the city modified Local Law 10 of 1980 and adopted a new law which tightened regulations, requiring more stringent inspection and reporting of exterior walls of any building six stories or higher in NYC every five years. The importance of this law is to ensure public safety surrounding taller buildings from any exterior wall failure.


Under New York City Local Law 11/98, all city buildings taller than six stories must be inspected by a professional engineer or registered architect every five years and file a report verifying that there aren't any unsafe facades conditions, such as spalling bricks, cracked masonry, or loose decorative elements.


Our team at GENERAL have issued many 11/98 reports, and we have administered hundreds of follow-up repair programs. With our comprehensive knowledge of the laws' many intricate details, we are especially qualified to guide building owners and managing agents through the often complex inspection and repair process to achieve timely compliance and a safe status for their properties